Should You Get a New Roof Before You Sell Your House?

Should You Get a New Roof Before You Sell Your House?

When you’re looking to sell your house, you may be worried about which parts of it need to be updated. Find out if a new roof will up the ante for you!
Did you know factors like the current state of your roof can impact the sale price of your home? Knowing this, you might be wondering whether it’s worth it to repair or replace the roof before you sell your house.
You don’t want to decrease the price of your home too much and lose out. So, how do you know when it’s time to call a roofing company for help?
There are several deciding factors that play a big part in your choice. Here’s what you need to know about getting a new roof before selling your home in Peachtree City.
A New Roof Boosts ROI
Getting a new roof isn’t cheap, and even repairs can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. The cost of a new roof installation varies depending on the materials used, the complexity of the job, and your location. Homeowners can spend anywhere from $5,132 to $10,023 or more to get a new roof, based on averages and estimates.
Is it worth spending that kind of money if you’re planning on selling? In general, it really depends on the state of your roof, but adding a new roof does boost your ROI (return on investment).
Let’s say you replace the old roof with an asphalt shingle roof (one of the most popular types). The cost vs. value number is around 65% or so.
Should You Replace a Roof Before You Sell Your House?
Before you sell your house and before you shell out the money for a new roof replacement, consider whether you need a full replacement or a roof repair.
Here’s what you need to ask yourself.
How old is the roof? On average, a roof lasts around 30 years. The lifespan of the roof depends on the materials used, but you can usually tell whether your roof has reached the limit of its usefulness or not.
If you haven’t been performing routine maintenance, you may need to check the state of your roof. If it’s sagging, missing shingles, leaking, or in bad shape, you’ll have to accept the inevitable — That it’s time to budget for a replacement.
Homebuyers expect the house to be in good condition, which means no leaks or missing roof shingles. While you still might be able to close the deal without opting for a full roof replacement, you won’t get as much on the sale price as you could have.
Contact a roofer for a second opinion and to get a better idea of the state of your roof. Once you know what you’re dealing with, you can get the repairs needed, and then reach out to a real estate agent for help selling your house.
Research the Area
A real estate agent can better help you research the area. You’ll want to look at other homes for sale in your area and compare.
How do their roofs look? If the homes in your neighborhood all have shiny new roofs, yours will undoubtedly stand out in a bad way, and that will impact the asking price.
Like it or not, one of the first things potential buyers look at is the state of your home’s roof. The more ‘move-in ready’ a home is, the happier a buyer is to close the deal.
If You Have Roof Issues
Significant issues, such as a leaking roof, need to be addressed promptly. While you can negotiate with the buyer and offer a discount to cover the roof replacement, you also may scare off a lot of buyers.
Sometimes, buyers don’t want to deal with the hassle of major repairs and wind up choosing another property.
You might not even know you have major roof issues, such as buckling shingles or chimney flashing problems until you call a roofer to take a look. A professional roofing company can also advise you on other repairs, such as if you need a new gutter installation.
If you have roof issues, it may be worth the cost of getting a new roof simply to make the process of selling your home easier. It might even help you close the deal sooner.
What to Consider When Getting a New Roof
Buyers often look for bonuses and upgrades when shopping for a new home. A brand-new roof would be a huge bonus, and many buyers might even pay more for your house, knowing that’s one less issue they have to worry about.
Other features homebuyers look for include energy-efficient homes. You can improve the energy efficiency of your home, therefore lowering energy bills, and reducing your impact on the environment.
How? Look for Energy Star-rated options and choose colors that can keep your home cooler. The color and material you choose can reduce your energy consumption by an impressive 20% or more!
If you plan on going ‘green’ in other areas of the home, you can really boost the value of your property. While adding energy-efficient features isn’t cheap, there are many programs and incentives out there to take advantage of that can help, such as tax credits and more.
If you can’t budget for more energy-efficient features, at least a new roof will add value to your home.
When to Call the Contractors
In short, should you get a new roof installed before you sell your house? Yes, if your current roof is in bad shape. To get a better idea of the state of your roof, consult with a roofing company, and make sure to get a quote.
In addition, use our tips outlined above if you want to get the most out of the sale. Call a real estate agent for a second opinion or to help walk you through the process of selling your home.
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