Energy Efficiency–How Color and Roofing Choice Impact How Green You Are

Energy Efficiency–How Color and Roofing Choice Impact How Green You Are

Being conscious of your energy consumption is good for your wallet and the environment. Although there are many ways to improve your energy efficiency throughout your home through energy rated appliances, you may be surprised to learn that you can improve your energy efficiency with your roof as well. With the latest advancements in roofing materials, you could reduce your energy consumption and your cooling bills by 20-40% annually. No longer should appearance and the price tag be your only consideration when choosing a roof. If a roofing material or color can reduce your annual bills, even a larger upfront cost may be wise in the long run. When considering your roofing choices, reach out to Dedicated Roofing. Our team of professionals can help you select the roof color and material which will be meet your needs, fit your budget, and prioritize energy consumption.

In the Know on Being Green:

  • Look for a Roof Which is Energy Star Rated—The Energy Star rating ensures that your roof was made from energy efficient materials. Being certified by Energy Star is based upon solar reflectance and emittance.
  • Consider the Impact of Color Based on Our Climate–Basically, the roofing reflects the sun’s energy and releases it into the air, keeping the upper levels of your home cooler and less expensive to cool. For example, lighter color roofs reflect the sun’s rays, while darker colors absorb them. If your home was in a cold location, a darker roof could make sense as it would trap the heat and make your home warmer. Since we live in a primarily warm environment, lighter color roofs are generally the best choice in Georgia.
  • Explore your Options for Materials—Generally speaking, metal roofing is considered to be more environmentally conscious based upon better reflective ability, recyclability, and long lifespan. These benefits are considerable, but some homeowners prefer other energy rated options, such certain varieties of asphalt shingles, based upon lower upfront cost or appearance. Not all color shades of metal roofs or asphalt shingles are energy rated so make sure that the shade of your material choice is Energy Star rated. Typically, energy rated roofing materials come in white or light gray. Metal roofing, even if not energy rated, still has greater reflecting ability than non-rated asphalt roofing, At Dedicated Roofing, we are committed to helping you find the right material so we can even bring samples to show you our energy rated options.

When roofing color or material can impact your energy consumption by over 20% and your home’s temperature could be impacted by 10-15 degrees, you should not overlook the importance of energy efficient roofing. Call Dedicated Roofing today to begin your journey of saving your money and the environment through prioritizing energy consumption!


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