When You Should Replace Your Roof

When You Should Replace Your Roof

A roof is one of the most expensive long-term investments for your home. Typically, homeowners can expect to replace their roof after 20-30 years, depending on the roofing material used. Dedicated Roofing always recommends routine maintenance and roof inspections to maximize the lifespan on your roof. Your roof will typically exhibit signs of failure before it becomes bad enough for replacement. In some cases, issues caught early on can be resolved before they progress and lead to an expensive replacement. Besides just planning based upon age, there are some ways to know whether your roof will be up for replacement:

  •       Having an Inspection—An annual checkup for a person is primarily to look for signs of illness before it becomes advanced. A roof inspection can accomplish the same thing for a roof. At Dedicated Roofing, we generally recommend roof inspections in the fall and spring each year. A roofing professional will look for signs of damage so they can be corrected through repairs before they worsen. If your roof is too old for repair to be possible, the inspector can advise you to seek a roof replacement before you end up with damage on the interior of your home, especially during the next rainstorm.
  •       Cleaning Out Your Gutters—Keeping up on gutter cleaning is important regardless of the age of your roof, but with an older roof, you can spot a sign of deterioration. The surface of your roof will start to flake off and collect in your gutters. If you find gravel or tiny pellets in your gutters, this material is shedding from your roof. Unfortunately, this is a sign that replacement is coming soon.
  •       Checking for Visible Moss—Where there is too much moisture, there will be moss eventually. The source of moisture could be from a tree overhanging your roof, the Georgia humidity, or moisture being trapped underneath the surface of your roof. Moisture hanging out on your roof will cause considerable damage over time if not addressed. If you have moss on your roof right now, call Dedicated Roofing to have your roof assessed.
  •       Looking in Your Attic—If your roof has become compromised, you may be able to observe it from the inside of your attic. When you see signs of moisture or you can see light coming through, your roof is not sealed anymore. Repairing the roof may still be possible if the issue is caught early on. Depending on your roof’s overall condition, replacement may be more sensible than repair. Our professionals will honestly help you explore your options. We want you to get your full investment out of your roof.

If you are interested in a roof replacement or just a thorough inspection, give Dedicated Roofing a call! We are standing by to help you maximize your roof’s lifespan and your money invested.

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