Hanging Your Christmas Lights

Hanging Your Christmas Lights

Driving around to see Christmas lights is an annual tradition for many families. Being part of that joy by lighting up your house and yard can be a fun way to get in the spirit of the season. Before you start hanging your lights, consider these tips from the Dedicated Roofing crew. We want your decorating experience to be safe, hassle-free, and merry.

  •       Make a Decorating Plan—The most attractive and effective Christmas light displays are not just thrown together haphazardly. You could even create a rough sketch of where each decorative element will go. Choose a focal point, which could easily be your front entryway, so your lights will look intentional.
  •       Measure and Evaluate—Now that you know what you want it to look like, you need to get ready to execute your plan. Part of this process should be measuring the spaces you want to cover with lights. If you are planning on stringing lights along your front gutters, you should measure the length in advance, so you will not run out of lights along the way. Also, you need to check the strength of your gutters to make sure they are sturdy enough to handle the lights. Beyond that, you need to keep track of where your power sources are and how you will reach them with your lights and extension cords. You do not want to make an incredible display and then have no way to light it up.
  •       Check Your Lights—Before you start stringing your lights, check and make sure all the bulbs work. Putting up lights takes effort, so do not waste your time by having a faulty light strand.
  •       Grab a Decorating Buddy and a Secure Ladder—Falling off a ladder could greatly take away from your Christmas cheer and fun. Make sure you have a reliable ladder and a friend or family member to help spot your ladder when you are attaching lights to high places, such as your gutters or shingles.
  •       Put Your Lights on a Timer—Having to remember to turn your lights off late every night can be inconvenient. A simple timer can help you conserve energy, save money, and eliminate your own hassle.

Great Possible Places for Lights:

  •       On Top of Your Trees and Bushes
  •       Along Your Roofline
  •       Around Doors and Windows
  •       Wrapped Around Your Porch Rails or Columns
  •       Lighting Up Your Driveway or Sidewalks
  •       Inside Planters or Window Boxes

If you are unsure if your roof or gutters can handle being dressed up for Christmas, give Dedicated Roofing a call! We can do a roof inspection to ensure that your roof is ready for holiday lights and a visit from St. Nick. 

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