Hail Damage – Signs to Look For

Hail Damage – Signs to Look For

Hail damage to a home and the surrounding property, including the roof, windows, vehicles, and more, can be quite costly. Some hail damage is easily visible, such as dents on cars and broken windows. However, other damage is less noticeable, except to the trained eye. Holes in the roof are not necessary to have roof hail damage. There are other forms of damage that roofs sustain as a result of hail storms. It is important to have a hail damage roof inspection performed by a Haag Certified Inspector after a significant hail storm event to find out if any repairs are necessary. Haag is the industry standard for roof inspector training and certification, so you should always choose a professional company with a certified inspector on staff. At Dedicated Roofing of Georgia, we offer roof inspection by a Haag Certified Inspector and repair services to handle any type of hail damage.


Hail Damage to Roofs

The extent of the damage sustained by a roof during a hail storm can depend on multiple factors, including wind speed, hail size, roof material, wind direction, roof slope, and the age of roofing materials. Significant hail damage can result in roof leaks.

Roofs may sustain function or cosmetic damage during a hail storm. Some of the cosmetic damage may seem non-serious, but damage such as punctures, bruises, broken edges, and lost granules on shingles can result in further roof issues if they are not repaired.


How to Determine If Your Roof May Have Hail Damage

Obvious indicators of roof damage from hail include ripped off shingles and downed tree branches on the roof. Less obvious damage can be found by looking in the right places. One of the places to look for hail damage is the gutters and downspouts. If you notice dents on these portions of your roof drainage system, then the roof may also have hail damage.

When hail hits your roof, the hail can displace the granules on the shingles and these granules can then fill up and clog the gutters. If you have clogged and overflowing gutters after one or more hail storms, there is a possibility you may also have hail damage on your roof.

You can also look at your deck and your siding. If one or both of these areas is damaged from a hail storm, then it is very possible the shingles on your roof have sustained similar damage. A professional roof inspection can ascertain the extent of your roof damage.For information about our hail damage roof inspection, repair, and replacement services at Dedicated Roofing of Georgia, give us a call today at 770.892.6665, or reach us through our contact form.

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