Getting Ready For Halloween

Getting Ready For Halloween

Halloween will be here in no time. Between getting costumes and buying candy, decorations can be overlooked until the last minute. Now is a great time to start putting out your decorations so you can enjoy them for the month of October. As roofing experts, Dedicated Roofing wants to make sure that you create your spooky scene safely. By following these steps, you can make your yard festive without any scary dangers:

  •       Do Not Be Afraid to Ask For Help—Some decorations can be set up alone, but many require two sets of hands. Make sure to get help when you need it instead of endangering your safety. Projects on your roof or using ladders should involve more than one person for your protection. A second person can spot you on your ladder, but also can get help if there is an issue.
  •       Inspect Your Cords and Lights—Starting a fire on your roof is not the sort of Halloween scare that you need. Before you start installing lights, check all the bulbs and wires on your strands of lights and your extension cords. A short in your wiring can lead to a fire, which endangers your family and damages your home.
  •       Check the Safety of Your Ladder—Before you climb a ladder, make sure that it is in good shape. A rickety old ladder could leave with you with a cast to go with your costume this year. Also, any ladder you use for decorating your roof should be at least 3 feet higher than the rooftop so you can step safely on the roof.
  •       Watch out for Roof Problems—If you notice any discoloration or damaged shingles, avoid stepping there. You could have a leak ready to happen or a weak spot you could step through. Make sure to call us if you see any signs of wear and tear while you are up there. We can address the issue before it progresses to a major repair. If you have not started decorating your roof yet, this would be an ideal time to schedule your biannual roof inspection. Our professionals will ensure your roof is safe before you start creating your spooky masterpiece.

Do not let a roofing problem give you a fright and require a big repair. Call Dedicated Roofing to schedule your roofing inspection. We will have your roof safe in time for you to make it look haunted!

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