Georgia’s Most Common Roofing Problems

Georgia’s Most Common Roofing Problems

From summer storms to blazing heat, the Georgia climate can be hard on your roof. At Dedicated Roofing of Georgia, we have witnessed our share of roof damage. The team wants to help you be prepared no matter what the Georgia weather brings. Keep an eye out for these common roofing issues!

  •       Storm Damage—From heavy rains to gusty winds to damaging hailstones, storms can cause considerable damage to your roof. Unfortunately, you may find out you have a damaged roof whenever a storm hits. Instead of waiting for a drip from your ceiling or a shingle blowing completely off, schedule a roof inspection. Many roofing problems and weaknesses can be identified early on before greater damage can occur. Being proactive could save you significant hassle and money. Water damage from a leaky roof will add up quickly in repair costs.
  •       Structural Issues—Trees are the most common threat to your roof’s structural integrity. Whether an entire tree falls or just a branch, your shingles and roof structure could be damaged. Anytime the ground is soft, your trees will be at greater risk of falling. Being proactive about trimming back trees and having them fall risk assessed would be wise. A tree trimming or tree removal will likely be more affordable than repairing or replacing your roof. If a tree has damaged your roof, we can evaluate your roof and determine whether repairing or replacing your roof is the most sensible choice.
  •       Heat—People wear sunscreen just to be able to be in direct sunlight for the day. Your roof may be in direct sunlight every day. The harsh sun can eventually cause your roof to become degraded and sometimes discolored. Have a roof inspection completed each year to ensure your roof is still weathering the heat okay.
  •       Gutter Damage—Gutters provide a vital service to your roof, carrying away rainwater and debris from your roof. When gutters get clogged up, the gutters will become damaged, and your roof will likely be damaged as well. A clogged gutter will not remove the excess water and debris, so your roof may become water-damaged. A professional gutter cleaning twice a year would be wise to keep your gutters in good condition. Also, consider adding gutter guards to minimize what can become trapped inside your gutters.

Whether you need a repair, roof inspection, or gutter guard installation, our team at Dedicated Roofing of Georgia is standing by to help. We will help you maximize the longevity of your roof regardless of what the Georgia weather sends your way!

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