Winterizing Your Roof

Winterizing Your Roof

Your roof endures extreme conditions during the winter season. Being proactive with your winter preparations can save money and prevent inconvenient repairs. Your family should remain comfortable all winter and your roof’s ability to withstand weather can impact that. Dedicated Roofing wants to help you maximize your roof’s lifespan and prevent unfortunate issues this winter. Following these winterizing steps will give your roof the best support for the winter season:

  •       Move Forward with Roofing Repairs—If you have damaged shingles, now is the best time to have them fixed. The fall weather is relatively mild, but the wind, ice, and possible snow this winter will be brutal on your roof. Instead of waiting for a roof leak because of your worn down shingles, get them fixed now. Shingle repair or replacement is much more affordable than repairing water damage in addition later.
  •       Trim Back Your Trees—Tree limbs that are close to your home should be trimmed back for your safety and the protection of your roof. If you cannot safely DIY your tree trimming, hire a professional to avoid injury to yourself and damage to your roof. Do not wait for the limb to fall!
  •       Get on Your Gutter Cleaning—Functioning gutters are essential for protecting your home from water damage. When gutters are clogged, the water can pool on your roof and cause extensive damage. We offer gutter cleaning services if you are not able or prefer not to perform the task yourself. Installing gutter guards can limit your gutter maintenance significantly as well. If you are interested in gutter guards, we can offer an estimate for quality gutter guards and install them promptly.
  •       Check Your Attic Insulation—Proper insulation is important for keeping your family cozy this winter. If you have damp or moldy insulation, replace this insulation right away. Adding needed insulation can save energy, protect your roof, and prioritize your comfort during the colder months. We provide attic insulation services if you are interested in professional help.
  •       Schedule a Roof Inspection—During a roof inspection, we can catch problems before they progress into major repairs. You will receive a full report so you know what steps should be taken to prevent a problem this winter.

Winter is coming soon so get prepared now! Call Dedicated Roofing to schedule your professional roof inspection today.

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