What You Should Know About Storm Damage

What You Should Know About Storm Damage

When a storm damages your roof, you must act quickly to limit the damage to your home’s exterior and interior. The best time to prepare for a storm is when it is still sunny. If you know what to expect and what to do, you will be more likely to make the best decisions for your home and family amid a storm. Our crew at Dedicated Roofing has witnessed storms of every kind and we want to help you be prepared.

The Types of Storm Damage:

  •       Wind—You may be surprised to know how dangerous windstorms can be. Not only could shingles blow off from the wind, but wind can also land heavy debris on your roof. The debris could penetrate your roof initially or it could create a weak spot which will give way to rain later. Sometimes, homeowners do not even realize that wind has caused damage to their roof until the next big storm hits and a leak develops inside the home. A professional inspection is wise after a windstorm to ensure that you do not have undiscovered damage.
  •       Hail—When a hailstorm hits, it can sound like golf balls pounding your roof. Your roof truly takes a beating during a hailstorm, which could lead to a compromised roof right away or leave weak spots which allow a leak during the next rainstorm. Like the windstorm, an inspection is a wise and proactive choice to make sure that your home is prepared for the next storm.
  •       Rain—The damage from a rainstorm is harder to overlook as water drip drops into your bedroom. When moisture compromises your roof, your roof may allow mold, rot, mildew, structural damage, and leaks to become a major issue. You could be looking at an expensive and premature roof replacement if you are not mindful of moisture. Rainstorm issues can be noted during a roof inspection as well.

Signs of Roof Problems:

  •       Wet Walls
  •       Water Spots on Ceiling
  •       Missing/Curled Shingles
  •       Missing/Damaged/Broken Flashing
  •       Worn Down Shingles
  •       Peeling/Loose Sealant

In an Emergency:

  •       Make Sure You are Safe—If heavy debris or a tree falls on your roof, you could be in danger by remaining in your home. Assess the damage and leave your home if the roof appears to have serious structural damage.
  •       Call for Help—If your roof is compromised by a tree, reach out to a tree service immediately. A professional company will work quickly to ensure your safety. Next, contact your insurance company. Roof incidents are often covered fully or partially by homeowner’s insurance depending on the circumstances. Your bill for the tree service and your roof replacement or repair may be covered so explore your best options.
  •       Watch Out For Storm Chasers—Sadly, there are some roofing contractors who will turn up after major storms or natural disasters and try to take advantage of homeowners. They could cause further damage to your roof so they can increase the bill or offer inflated prices for their services. You need a roofing professional you can trust. Make sure that you only utilize a licensed and insured professional like Dedicated Roofing.
  •       Contact Dedicated Roofing—Our team is standing by to help you with your roof replacement or repair. We can help you navigate the process with insurance by providing proper documentation about the damage and the necessary actions to repair it. We will help you get the best outcome. 


When storms hit, we want to help restore your comfort and safety through a professional and timely roofing solution. Whether you are experiencing a roofing emergency now or you need an inspection to avoid more significant storm damage in the future, the crew at Dedicated Roofing will be ready to help right when you need us.

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