How has Roofing Changed Over the Last 10-20 Years

How has Roofing Changed Over the Last 10-20 Years

Do you need a roof replacement? If you have lived with the same roof for over 10 years, you may be unaware of how roofing has changed since you installed your previous roof. Dedicated Roofing of Georgia wants to keep you informed, so that you can make the best roofing decision for your family.

  •       The Quality and Customization of Roofing Shingles Improved—Twenty years ago, 3-tab shingles were the common and standard choice for most builders. Although invented in 1970, architectural shingles have dramatically improved and gained popularity since then. They are replacing 3-tab shingles as the most popular choice because they are thicker and more wind resistant. Also, architectural shingles were designed to camouflage imperfections in a roof more effectively. In the past, there were fewer color choices. Shingles can also come or be coated with greater UV protection through sealants thanks to more recent innovations. Your roof will be better suited to endure the blazing heat when lathered up with UV protection; basically, coatings are like roof sunscreen. These UV coatings could even extend a roof’s lifespan by a decade or more. Now, architectural shingles come in a variety of colors to suit each homeowner’s unique taste. Because shingle quality has improved, manufacturers typically offer better warranties than they did just ten years ago. Before you commit to a new shingle type, ask your roofing contractor what warranties are available.
  •       The Underlayment Improved—Just 20 years ago, roughly 90% of all American homes had 15 lb felt as the underlayment for their homes. More high-end homes utilized 30 lb felt. The main problem with felt paper is how it rips and tears without shingles on top. If a shingle blows off your roof during a windstorm, your underlayment could be quickly compromised. Now, roofing professionals prefer to use synthetic underlayment. Synthetic underlayment does not rip like traditional felt paper. Also, synthetic underlayment is lightweight and easy to install. Synthetic underlayment also does not hold moisture that may be present during installation.  
  •       A Greater Desire for Efficiency and Eco-Friendly Roofs Emerged—Whether motivated by environmental concerns or financial reasons, homeowners are more concerned with energy efficiency than they were just ten years ago. Shingles that are energy rated have become popular choices. Although asphalt shingles remain the most popular roofing material, many homeowners have moved to using metal roofing. Metal roofing can be made from recycled materials and recycled at the end of its life. Also, metal roofing can keep a house cooler when a reflective coating is utilized.

If you are ready to find your ideal roof replacement, reach out to Dedicated Roofing. We can help you fully explore the possibilities for your home.

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