How A Fall Roof Inspection Can Prepare Your Roof for Winter

How A Fall Roof Inspection Can Prepare Your Roof for Winter

The trees are colorfully painted, and the temperatures are crisp in the mornings. Fall is here and winter will be here in no time. Your roof will have to endure cold temperatures, wind, ice, and possibly snow in the coming months. Being prepared in advance can save money and your comfort this winter season. Dedicated Roofing can complete a thorough roof inspection to ensure your roof is ready to weather the cold months ahead. If you are on the fence about the value of a roof inspection, consider the following ways a roof inspector helps:

  •       Checking on Your Gutters—If your gutters have filled up with debris, leaves, and sticks, they cannot move water away from your house as intended. Water that pools in your gutters can cause significant damage to your roof. Gutter guards can be a wise investment to minimize the maintenance and protect your roof long-term. If you are interested in gutter guards, we are happy to schedule your installation right away.
  •       Evaluating Your Shingles—When shingles are damaged, your roof can develop a leak during the next rain or snowstorm. Water damage can be an expensive fix for the interior and exterior of your home. Fixing or replacing the damaged shingle before the leak will be far more affordable and less damaging.
  •       Inspecting Your Vent and Flashings Sealing—The sealing around your vents can dry and crack overtime. Neoprene or rubber sealing can be susceptible to critters too. We can make sure that your vents are sealed so water and pests cannot compromise your home. Flashings are supposed to help with water runoff. Without proper sealing, your home can end up with a water leak easily. Double-checking the sealant can prevent inconveniences and expensive fixes.
  •       Looking at Your Attic—If your attic has ventilation, plumbing, pest, or HVAC problems, you can develop a mold, mildew, or moisture problem impacting your roof and your home’s interior. We will help you identify issues before they can lead to greater concerns for your house.

If you are ready to schedule your fall inspection, contact Dedicated Roofing. We will have you ready for the winter season ahead. 

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