Gutter Guards vs. Plastic Alternatives

Gutter Guards vs. Plastic Alternatives

Being proactive with gutter protection saves considerable time and effort down the line. When gutters are left open, they can accumulate leaves, sticks, moss, and other natural elements. Also, pests will be more likely to make a home to stay. At Dedicated Roofing, we want to help you save your valuable time and efforts on home maintenance. We offer quality gutter guards which will keep you off the ladder and enjoying your weekend. There are plastic alternatives which some homeowners choose, but exploring the benefits make the wise choice clear:

The Benefits of Gutter Guards:

  •       Durability—Since gutter guards are made of aluminum, they are extremely strong and long-lasting. They are prepared to handle the elements. Their lifespan can reach around 15 years when installed properly.
  •       Resistant—Gutter Guards are UV and fire resistant as well as rustproof. Gutter Guards are not only built to last, but they are also built to remain visually impressive.
  •       Thorough—Gutter Guards have a mesh filter which keeps even the smallest debris from passing through to clog up your gutters. You will never worry that your gutters will not be able to drain properly.

The Benefit of Plastic Alternatives:

  •       Cheaper Upfront Cost—In many cases, you get what you pay for when you prioritize the price tag over all else. Plastic gutter protection may be cheaper, but they underperform in every way. They are not as durable or resistant, often warping and breaking down in the heat. They also have larger holes, which could allow for debris to pass into your gutters. Plastic alternatives are not built to last for the long run so you can anticipate replacing them sooner. Failing on performance and quality make the plastic alternatives a more costly choice long-term.

If you are interested in taking back your weekend free time by adding gutter guards, contact the team at Dedicated Roofing.

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