Getting Your Roof Ready for Fall

Getting Your Roof Ready for Fall

The season of pumpkin spice, scarves, and falling leaves is almost upon us. Before your home gets covered in orange, red, and yellow leaves, make sure that your roof is prepared. Your roof endures temperature extremes, inclement weather, and unwanted debris regularly. Over time, your roof can show signs of the abuse. At Dedicated Roofing, we believe that being proactive about your roof’s maintenance can help maximize your investment and maintain your comfort year-round. Consider the following tips for preparing your roof for autumn:

  •       Schedule a Roof Inspection—The fall is an ideal time to have your roof inspected. Your roof has just survived the intense summer storms and unrelenting heat. You can make sure that your roof did not develop any weak spots during the summer. Making sure that your roof is functioning properly before winter is vital. By completing this step during the fall, you have time to address and resolve any problems before harsh winter temperatures arrive.
  •       Remove Leaves and Debris—Leaving leaves, debris, moss, buildup, or any other plant matter on your roof will eventually cause your roof to deteriorate. You could cause your roof to need replacement prematurely by not removing these materials. Part of your roof cleaning should also include gutters. When organic materials collect in your gutter, you can have drainage issues, which can damage your roof and home as a whole. If you are unable to clean your roof and gutters, reach out to Dedicated Roofing. We can help you schedule a professional roof and gutter cleaning. Also, gutter guards are a wise investment for preventing buildup which can damage your roof.
  •       Evict Unwanted Visitors—Your roof can seem like a great place for critters, birds, and insects to make their home, especially if you are leaving rotting plant matter on your roof. Animals can cause significant damage to the outside of your roof and eventually compromise the interior of your home too. Look out for damage from wildlife because small problems can develop into big problems, such as leaks, structural damage, insulation damage, damaged shingles. If you already have a pesky visitor, contact a professional to trap them immediately. You do not want these critters to start settling in and causing extensive damage.
  •       Check out Your Attic—Your attic needs to have adequate insulation and ventilation to function properly. Your vents should allow excessive heat to escape so humidity and moisture will not be trapped, causing damage over time to your roof. Insulation is important for maintaining the comfort of your home. Your energy bills will be reduced when your attic is properly insulated. If you are concerned that your attic may not be insulated properly, we can help you with shoring up your insulation as well as checking your ventilation.

Before the leaves start falling, get your roof ready. Schedule your roof inspection with Dedicated Roofing today!

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