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Chimney Cap Replacement Services Near Newnan GA

After years of exposure to harsh weather conditions, chimneys caps can start to deteriorate. In some instances, you may need to replace your chimney cap.

The reason that this is important is because a damaged chimney cap can allow water, smoke, pests, and green waste into your home. When you look up chimney replacement near me, there are a number of companies that could come up. However, Dedicated Roofing provides experienced chimney cap services, ensuring top quality and timely work to restore the function and appearance of your chimney.

Dedicated to providing quality service

The process

In order to see whether you need a chimney cap replacement or more extensive repair work, you need to get a professional to come in. We offer an initial free consultation to discuss any issues before completing a more in-depth inspection so we can give you an estimate.

Once you are ready for the work to begin, we can then arrange a pre-production meeting to give you an idea of how long the repair work will take. As soon as the work is done, we will go over the house to ensure it is left in the same condition as we came in.

Dedicated to providing quality service

Get Chimney Cap Replacement Services Near Newnan GA

To find out more about what Dedicated Roofing can do for you, please use our contact form or call us 770.892.6665. We will be happy to arrange a consultation at a time that is convenient for you and go over any issues you may have.

Our process is simple.


Check in with our team to see what time best works for your free consulation.


At this stage, we will analyze your situation, inspect your roof, and provide an estimate.


Our production manager will meet with you to discuss expectations and deadline.


This is the part where you get to relax. We come in and complete the job professionally.


We will walk through with our team to make sure we leave your home better than we found it.

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