Are Gutterguards Worth the Investment?

Are Gutterguards Worth the Investment?

As a homeowner, determining which additions are actually necessary can be challenging. Some businesses will encourage every upgrade possible to get the most money out of clients. At Dedicated Roofing, we are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers not just running up a bill. We highlight all the available options for you, but we will never pressure or mislead you just to make a little extra money. If you are interested in upgrades, gutterguards are worth considering. Explore the benefits to see if they would be a good fit for your home:

  •       Conserve Your Time—Time is always in short supply. Without gutterguards, you may have to spend your weekend off cleaning leaves, sticks, and debris out of your gutters to prevent clogs. Gutterguards prevent the buildup so you can reclaim your weekend to do something more enjoyable. Although you may have occasional maintenance with gutterguards, it is significantly easier and faster because the debris collects on top of the gutterguards and can be brushed off.
  •       Save Money Long-Term—Gutterguards may seem like a costly initial investment, but they have great long-term value. Without gutterguards, you will spend more time cleaning out your gutters or paying a professional to do the cleaning. Additionally, you may have to replace or repair your roof prematurely because of damage caused by buildup in your gutters. Your time and repair costs will add up to quickly make the initial investment of gutterguards worthwhile.
  •       Avoid Pests—When you have buildup in your gutters, your roof becomes a welcoming place for a variety of pests to move in. Not only could these pests damage your roof, but they could figure out a way into your home’s interior. Gutterguards will not allow the organic material and debris to accummulate and create a habitat for pests.
  •       Increase The Value of Your Home—Gutterguards are an investment in the longevity of your home whether you stay there or not. You could recoup the cost if you decide to sell your home as they are an appealing upgrade. Your home will look manicured and the condition of your home will be better when utilizing gutterguards.
  •       Prioritize Your Family’s Health—Mold and mildew can form when wet material stays in your gutters. These contaminants can start to spread and permeate into your home, possibly even damaging your home’s  foundation in addition to impacting your air quality. Gutterguards are a pro-active solution to avoid damage to your home and your family.

Gutterguards come in a variety of colors to suit any style of home. If you are ready to invest in gutterguards, reach out to Dedicated Roofing to schedule a visit from one of our roofing professionals for a consultation.

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