7 Surprising Signs You Need Roofing Services

7 Surprising Signs You Need Roofing Services

Are you dealing with roof damage and in need of roofing services? Or are you uncertain if your roof is need of maintenance or replacement, but you don’t know how to tell? More often than not, when a roof is in dire need of repair, it’s pretty obvious. It’s more difficult to determine when a roof is in need of repair when the damage is minimal. Having said that, seeking repair before the problem gets out of hand will save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run, so it’s better to seek help before the problem gets worse. To do so, here are some of the signs you should keep an eye out for to help you decide if it’s time to seek professional help:
1. Your Roof Has Moisture Issues
When water is able to infiltrate roof shingles, it can cause all kinds of damage to your plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, and electrical set-up. This damage can affect your utility costs making it harder for you to heat your property.
Wet roofing can also lead to a mold problem if the moisture isn’t addressed quickly. Mold and bacteria growth can occur in a roofing system where leaks are present causing damage and health risks.
Insect infestations are another unwanted consequence of damp roof conditions. Bugs love to colonize and breed in moist, dark nooks and crannies.
The costs associated with removing mold or exterminating insect infestations can really add up. Any code violations as a result of unhealthy moisture levels will only add to your costs. It’s best to address moisture within your roof right away.
2. You Notice Bubbling On the Roof
This sign is harder to spot since bubbling on the roof isn’t something you’ll notice unless you’re actually up on the roof. Bubbling can also be caused by moisture that has built-up under the roof shingling. As soon as you do notice bubbling, however, you should act quickly.
The more bubbles you’ve developed, the less time you have to take care of the issue before the whole problem is beyond repair. Too many bubbles will require an entire roof replacement.
If you’re uncertain how bad the problem has become, you can look to professional roofing services to give you a recommendation.
3. Your Roof’s Flashing Has Become Damaged or Dislodged
Flashing is a very important aspect of the security of your roof. It acts as a barrier against water and debris buildup that can compromise the integrity of your roofing materials.
If the flashing ever becomes damaged, bend, or dislodged, the flashing seal can break. This allows water to seep through and buildup.
Both weather and time can cause damage to the flashing. Poor installation can also lead to damage of the flashing. If your roof’s flashing has been damaged, or if it was never installed properly, have it inspected by a professional roofing company.
4. Your Downspouts Have Become Clogged
Anytime there’s a heavy downpouring of rain, you should check the exterior downspouts of your roof and home. If you only see a little bit of water coming out, or none at all, there’s likely a problem with clogged downspouts.
A clogged downspout can lead to excess moisture buildup on the roof which, as we’ve discussed at length above, can lead to significant damage. Any pooling of water on the roof is a sign of a clogged downspout, so even if you haven’t been experiencing heavy rains, you might still have a problem with clogging.
5. Roofing Services Are Necessary if Your Roof is Old
Another huge indicator that it’s time to seek some roofing services in Peachtree, GA is when your roof is old and falling apart.
The types of materials used when your roof was first constructed, it’s age, the damages it’s sustained over the years, and any repairs it’s had since it was first installed will all come into play when determining how much work needs to be done. It’s possible that your roof might be in such disrepair and so old that it’s become a liability and nothing short of a complete overhaul will do the trick.
Your roofing company and contractor will be able to tell you if your roof can be salvaged by timely repairs or if you need a new roof installed.
6. Another Contractor Did a Less Than Quality Job
Maybe you were lured in by a hard-to-beat bid on roofing repairs, but when all was said and done, the work was shoddy and the repairs were hardly complete. It’s happened to many customers who have sought necessary roofing services only to find that they got what they paid for in the end.
If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of dealing with poorly executed repairs from a former contractor, it’s time to turn to an expert with years of experience and satisfied customers to back them up.
7. Rips or Tears Are Growing in Number
Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your roof needs repair, especially if the damage isn’t glaring. Often times the only way to know is to have someone climb up and see if there’s gradual deterioration is taking place.
A few rips or tears are nothing to be too concerned about, but if there are many, the problem can grow or become more serious. If you’re not sure whether or not your roof is due for some maintenance, you can always call a reliable roofing company and ask them to come to take a look.
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